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First Draft

First Draft

Use our markup language and extensible legal agreement components to rapidly generate any legal agreement.

Ethereum Relayer


Securely relay and trigger any Ethereum smart contract call using OpenLaw, including recurring calls.

Sign & Send

Sign & Store

Secure any signature to a blockchain using our e-signature solution.

Token Forge

Token Forge & Smart Contract Components

Automatically generate blockchain-based tokens, tied to underlying legal agreements.

Forms & Flow

Forms & Flows

Create walk throughs of complex business agreements using our Forms tool.

We Engineers

You can build a blockchain-based application in an afternoon.

// import both modules
import { APIClient, Openlaw } from "openlaw";

// include the root URL for the OpenLaw instance
apiClient = new APIClient('https://app.openlaw.io');

apiClient.login('openlawuser+1@gmail.com', 'password');

apiClient.getTemplate('Advisor Agreement').then(result => {

const compiledTemplate = Openlaw.compileTemplate(
  'This Advisor Agreement is entered into between [[Company Name]] ("Corporation") and [[Advisor Name]] ("Advisor") as of [[Effective Date: Date]] ("Effective Date"). Company and Advisor agree as follows: \n\n^**Services**. Advisor agrees to consult with and advise Company from time to time, at the request of the Company (the "Services").'

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